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Whether you want to get more out of your personal life and choices or are looking to improve relationships with the ones you love professional counseling is a great place to start. Counseling will empower you to work through the things that are holding you back from the life you desire. As your counselor I partner with you; the expert in your life; to uncover insights and new tools that help manage your life. I work with individuals and couples to create, adjust, and, above all, reach their desired goals. Together we can create everyday motivation to help smash your existing goals and create new ones. If you’re in the Atlanta Metro area, you’ll want to get in touch with me, let's get to the "Good Part" of Life!

My Counseling Philosophy

I believe that each of us has exactly what we need within to live our most Authentic and Organic life! The world has probably taught you that you must meet the needs of everyone, putting yourself last. What I know is that in order to love and care for others we MUST LOVE & Care for ourselves! This means prioritizing your physical and mental health. Putting You back on your TO DO LIST. My mantra is HEALING, Not Hiding. Healing the hurts, pains, sadness, broken promises and loses that inevitably touch each and every one of our lives. I help you get to the bottom of these challenges normalizing the idea that we all have hard times, but they don't have to break or define you. I believe the biggest obstacle to reaching your potential is the unwillingness to ask for help. As you begin to believe in your own abilities to heal, you’ll be poised and proud to acknowledge the healthy thoughts and actions that will change your life. Once we strip away the unhealthy, thoughts and beliefs we will replace them with new stories, beliefs, and insights that inevitably lead to better life decisions and choices. .

I can help you Reach your Goals

You don't have to face your troubles alone. Whether you want to change your mindset, relationships or heal a painful trauma, I offer a safe, judgment-free space where all your experiences will be honored. I will support and hold space for you through your toughest challenges and be the loudest cheerleader in your happiest moments. Lets get to work. Happiness begins with HEALING!


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